Electrical System Design

Our combination of electrical and mechanical engineering resources allows Ripple Design to provide turnkey electro-mechanical system design for our clients. Our capabilities range from basic motor integration to complete design of autonomous vehicle control systems. We work with a variety of different software and hardware tools to deliver customized, integrated solutions for our client’s projects.

  • System architecture and design, display interfacing, UI design, electro-optics
  • Integrated development environments – Keil, IAR, XCode, LabView
  • Finite element analysis (FEA) – ANSYS (nonlinear, combined thermal/structural)
  • Protocols – I2C, SPI, RS232, RS485, SMB, CAN
  • Analog design and signal conditioning, sensor and transducer interface, power conditioning, point of load power supply design
  • Digital design – discrete, microcontroller (8 bit – various with an emphasis on 8051 architecture variants including Philips, Silicon Labs, and Analog Devices, 16 bit – MSP430, PIC24F family, and, 32 bit ARM processors – primarily TI TMS470), CPLD (VHDL and schematic) design
  • Electromechanical design – Motor control (AC, DC and stepper), hydraulic/pneumatic design (pumps, valves, regulators, etc.)
  • Firmware – Assembly, C, Objective C for drive, control, and interface, Labview