Landmine Clearance Program Evaluation

Client – Geneva International Center for Humanitarian Demining

Ripple Design has worked in the area of humanitarian landmine clearance for years and has developed specific expertise in a number of areas including management of field operations, operational efficiency, mechanical demining, technical survey, new technology evaluation, and landmine clearance program evaluation.

The Geneva International Center for Humanitarian Demining (GICHD) contracted Ripple Design to evaluate the use of mechanical demining machines by the National Demining Institute (INAD) in Angola. Representatives from Ripple traveled to Angola and spent time in the field with INAD operational management, machine operators, and mechanics. Ripple personnel traveled around Angola and visted a number of active demining sites. A report was prepared and presented to the evaluation stakeholders. Based on the sucess of the evaluation, the GICHD and Angolan authorities are entering into a long term cooperation agreement.