Robotic Control System Open Integration Platform

Client – Humanistic Robotics Inc.

Ripple Design was contracted by Humanistic Robotics Inc. (HRI) to help them develop an Open Integration Platform (OIP) for robotic systems. The OIP is comprised of a number of different subsystems that work together to allow remote control, mobile teleoperation, and semi-autonomous / fully autonomous control of equipment and vehicle systems. The system is built around a central controller that acts as the interface and mediator between external remotes, instrumentation and sensor packages, autonomy software, and the main equipment/vehicle drive system.

Ripple Engineers assisted HRI with concept development, electrical and communication architecture, mechanical design, electrical design, software, systems engineering, prototype fabrication and testin, program management, and quality assurance. A full version of the system was fabricated and integrated with an off-road construction vehicle. The system included a hand held remote, a mobile teleoperation vest mounted display, a vehicle controller, a sensor platform with GPS/INS and multiple cameras, as well as a fully integrated autonomy computer.

The OIP translates user or autonomy commands into manipulation or movement. It provides for failsafe integration of third-party software, sensors, and actuation peripherals through a freely-available application programming interface (API). The OIP is configurable to communicate with many robotic systems and vehicle command protocols and is portable across platforms in alternate operational scenarios and includes safety features that are separated from the computation engine, so the key components of any robotic system – software, perception, and operator control – can be changed without compromising the safety of the system as a whole.