Handheld Remote Control System

Client – Humanistic Robotics Inc.

Ripple Design assisted Humanistic Robotics Inc (HRI) with the design, prototyping, testing, and low rate initial production of a custom handheld remote control system. The remote control system was comprised of a handheld remote and a machine side receiver. The system was designed to control a wide range of industrial machinery and off-road vehicles in remote, tele-operated, and semi-autonomous situations. Ripple was involved in every aspect of the design, including industrial design, mechanical design, custom electronics, software development, and system integration.

The handheld remote control is ergonomic and lightweight but still extremely rugged. It features a flexible physical interface comprised of six proportional analog controls and eight buttons with LCD screen that can be tailored to a wide variety of applications. It also includes a custom sunlight readable display that allows control scheme to be adjusted by the operator on-the-fly. In addition, the handheld remote includes a number of very innovative safety features. Sensor-based safety features eliminate unintentional and unsafe operation while a built-in emergency stop and a safety-focused proprietary wireless protocol ensure accidents can be avoided.