Landmine Clearance Operations Managment Software Tools

Client – Geneva International Center for Humanitarian Demining

Landmine clearance operations involve the coordination of teams utilizing very different technologies, from groups of demining technicians working on their hands and knees, to highly complex machinery that is prone to mechanical failure. The key to running an efficient operation lies in the ability to track and understand operational patterns and work stoppages.

The Geneva International Center for Humanitarian Demining (GICHD) contracted with Ripple to create a tool to assist in the management of humanitarian landmine clearance activities. Based on the experience Ripple engineers had gained observing landmine clearance activities in the field, they created a Microsoft Excel-based tool that lets project managers track and analyze their operations while in the field.

The tool walks managers through easy to enter forms to input data such as time spent and hazards cleared. It also includes the ability to input a wide range of conditions and a variety of non operational time such as time spent fixing a machine. Data presentation and analysis is built in to the tool through a range of preset graphs and charts that allow managers easily visualize and compare their data.