Machine Integrated Magnetic Collector

Client – Geneva International Center for Humanitarian Demining

On behalf of the GICHD and in partnership with DOK-ING, Ripple Design developed a machine integrated magnetic debris collector and performed a statistical test of the system to determine what type and how much ferrous debris could be recovered during normal mechanical operations. Ripple engineers created a detailed test plan and traveled to Croatia to perform onsite testing of the system. The statistical testing was designed to investigate how much and what type of ferrous debris could be recovered during normal flailing operations. Collection of metal debris from a mine field can help direct operations and reduce the amount of time spent by manual demining teams. The test results were very strong and it was clear that an integrated magnetic collector can make a significant impact on operations. Ripple performed a thorough analysis of the results and submitted recommendations to the GICHD for review. A redesign of the collection system and a field test is expected next year.