Quantitative Risk Analysis

Client – Dominion Engineering, Inc.

When faced with a design problem that involves highly complex systems that are characterized by significant uncertainty, how does one make informed design decisions?

As part of the plant design for a nuclear facility, Ripple was contracted to design the software behind a risk analysis tool used to inform plant design engineers. This software tool uses a comprehensive Monte Carlo simulation that incorporates a mixture of statistical, physical, and chemical models and correlations over millions of trials to predict the frequency and severity of potential hydrogen detonations in plant piping.

Ripple engineers were responsible for the design and implementation of the software, while working under the strict quality assurance requirements of NQA-1 which provides requirements for computer software used in nuclear facilities.

In addition to the Monte Carlo simulation, Ripple engineers developed a novel 3D rendering tool within the Igor Pro environment. This tool has allowed the team to rapidly visualize plant systems which were previously only described with numeric input files. The rendering tool has led to a dramatic reduction in the number of hours spent identifying input file errors and has helped streamline the input validation process.